Monday, January 25, 2010

Case sensitive in JQuery class selectors

When you're using jquery's class selectors for example, $('a.lookupScript'), it will work in Mozilla but not on IE. So you gotta make sure that you got the case right. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Determining IIS version your server is running on.

I got this from Microsoft Support site... :)

VersionObtained fromOperating System
1.0Included with Windows NT 3.51 SP 3 (or as a self-contained download).Windows NT Server 3.51
2.0Included with Windows NT Server 4.0.Windows NT Server 4.0
3.0Included with Windows NT Server 4.0 Service Pack 3(Internet Information Server 2.0 is automatically upgraded to Internet Information Server 3.0 during the install of SP3).Windows NT Server 4.0
4.0Self-contained download from or the Windows NT Option Pack compact disc.Windows NT Server 4.0 SP3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01
5.0Built-in component of Windows 2000.Windows 2000
5.1Built-in component of Windows XP Professional.Windows XP Professional
6.0Built-in component of Windows Server 2003.WIndows Server 2003
7.0Built-in component of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.Windows Vista and WIndows Server 2008

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Illegal character in Firefox

Firebug detected an illegal character while loading javascript, to fix this just have to open up the javascript with a proper texteditor and remove those illegal character. Pretty simple i guess.

You can find more info from here